Upcoming – Executive Elections

Executive Elections 2017-2018

The election season for the 2017-2018 Executive Council of the Science Students’ Association will occur around March! If you are hoping to make a difference for your fellow students in the Faculty of Science, this is your chance to join our team. There are ten elected positions available altogether, however eligibility is role-specific based on previous experiences and other criteria. Joining the SSA team will give you a unique opportunity to contribute to the student experience.

For any and all questions or concerns, please contact the Chief Electoral Officer Corinne Laporte at electionsceo@ssa-aes.com.

The timeline for the Executive Council elections will be as follows:
Nomination Period: Feb 13 – Mar 3
Town Hall Meeting: Mar 1, 6pm, MRT 221
All-Candidates Meeting: Mar 8, 6pm, CRG 107
Campaign Period: Mar 13, 8:30am – Mar 15, 5:30pm
Voting Period: Mar 15, 6:00pm – Mar 17, 6:00pm
Bilingualism Testing Dates: Mar 7-8 (Applicable for President, VP Bilingualism, and VP External)

Nomination forms will be available at the SSA office (MRN 023) and online during the Nomination Period.

The positions available are:
Vice-President of Finance
Vice-President of Internal Operations
Vice-President of Social Activities
Vice-President of Academics
Vice-President of External Affairs
Vice-President of Bilingual Affairs
Vice-President of Promotional Affairs
Vice-President of Philanthropic Initiatives
Senator of the Faculty of Science

The nomination form can be found here. The election FAQ and eligibility criteria can be found here. The election rules can be found here. The bilingualism testing form can be found here and the bilingualism testing rubric can be found here.