Interested in becoming a Guide for 101 Week? Do you want to represent SSA and the Faculty of Science in one of the most thrilling weeks of the year? Of course you do! Here are a few FAQs about being a 101 Week Guide.

What is the role of a 101 Week guide?

Guides play an integral role in the smooth functioning of 101 Week. Because of the large size of the faculty of science, the SSA’s 101 Week is the largest on campus. Guides are present for two main reasons: (1) to make sure 101ers are safe, secure and under control; and (2) to make sure 101ers are having a ton of fun and learning about what uOttawa SCIENCE is all about.

What’s the difference between a guide and a head guide?

Immediately after purchasing and picking up their 101 Week kits, 101ers are separated into several teams, usually each consisting of ~20 101ers. Each of these teams is led by two head guides, who usually sport red bandanas in addition to their guide shirts. Thus, head guides, while maintaining their duties as guides, also serve to manage teams during such events as flag preparation. Head guides are NOT necessarily students who have been guides in the past, although experience as a guide usually helps head guides perform their tasks with ease.

Where do SSA executives fit into this scheme of guides?

The SSA executive team is working throughout the entire summer to make sure 101 Week 2015 will be an entertaining and educational experience for all the 101ers who choose to participate. Their duties are quite intensive and involve strict time constraints. Throughout the duration of 101 Week, guides are expected to treat all executives with respect. Further, if an SSA executive asks a guide to perform a task, the expectation is that that task will be done.

If I am accepted as a guide, what kind of commitment must I fulfill?

After being selected, guides must undergo mandatory SFUO guide training and SSA guide training. The SFUO has a variety of training dates, including some quite close to 101 Week, so don’t worry if you’re not living in Ottawa right now – you can still apply. Beyond training, guides are highly encouraged to attend Shinerama events (such as sucker runs) throughout the summer as much as they please. 101 Week itself begins on September 5, and guides are on contract until September 13. During this time, all guides are expected to attend the vast majority of events on September 5-8 (SaturdayTuesday, inclusive) as class does not start until Sept 9. Once class starts, we ask that all guides still attend a minimum of 75% of the events. Keep in mind that once class begins, most events will be after5PM.

What are my chances of being accepted as a guide?

Science is known for having a large number of guides, and throughout the week you will come to understand why 101 Week is such an amazing bonding experience. Our guide application is thorough and will test your creativity and sharpness in applying your interpersonal skills to various situations. If the application is done well, there is no reason why we wouldn’t love to have you as a guide.